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Hiker is an Emmy, Telly, and Webby-award winning creative agency based in LA and NYC. Located at the intersection of animation, interactive design, live action, and digital innovation, we create content across many disciplines to help non-profit, agency, and brand marketers stand out, deepen engagement, and unlock their potential for authentic and compelling digital storytelling.

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We are curious, interested challengers built on the belief that a multi-dimensional approach from one shop is the best way to answer the biggest questions about the changing nature of storytelling in digital. It’s not just that there are different platforms. It’s that there are different opportunities constantly taking form. That’s why, in addition to creative services, we develop new story modes and technology solutions.


Our best collaborators already understand how important great storytelling is to their outcomes, know there are better ways to reach their audiences, and are open to starting the conversation there.


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The Hiker Toolbox
  • Key Messaging Development 
  • Storytelling Workshops
  • Data Science
  • Content Strategy
  • Audience Research
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Interactive Design
  • UX
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Scripting/Creative
  • Campaign Creative
  • Global Live Action Production
  • Animation/Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • 3D/VR/360
  • Post-Production
  • Sound Design/Music
  • WebGL
  • Unreal/Unity Engines
  • React
  • Native Applications
  • CMS and Platform Bundles

A Year in the Life

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Adam Ansorge

“There’s something about motion capture that just feels right.  It lets me be the animator that I want to be in a 3D world when 2D can’t cut it.  I’ve been falling in love with the medium more and more each day.  It can do more than most people realize as an animation tool so the most difficult challenge is knowing what you want to do with it.”  

Hiker Studio | George Carlin: Stuff | 2016 | Animator

Amber Yoder

“I really enjoyed playing with tone and comedy in this piece. It’s not every day that it makes sense to use explosions and chainsaws in a script. Also nice to hear that at a multi-agency meeting, Old Spice assumed this was made by Wieden + Kennedy. Nice! More chainsaws please!!”

Old Spice | Fresher Collection | 2016 | Writer

Dan Allen

“The request was a #TBT for the infamous Gellin’. Someone wrote WATERMELON SUIT on the white board and somehow all eyes landed on me. Since I always want to follow the fear, we ordered a suit to fit my 6’6” (or 4’30” depending on how you want to do the math) frame and hit the streets. Even though I was wearing green tights, it was a great day and the video hit 150K+ views in a couple hours.”

Dr. Scholl's | Gellin' | 2015 | Watermelon

Gary Culig

“Although this project is more data entry than creative-muscle-flexing, it is one of the most inspiring tasks I take on each year. Formatting bios of hundreds of determined change-makers reminds me that our work goes far beyond the page (or screen).  I’m proud of the small part we get to play in New Profit’s annual Gathering of Leaders.”

New Profit | Gathering of Leaders Bio Book | 2017 | Design Fulfillment

Gregor Clark

“Stories can be told in so many ways, but if they aren’t engaging, who really cares. The vision of Hiker is to bring incredible talent together to solve big engagement problems. And that’s what this animation feels like to me. Creative, smart, joyous. And I love the audio, too. It makes these letter characters and their visual mysteries all the more compelling.”

Hiker Studio | H Animation | 2016 |

Hannah Neufeld

“This project is built with Hiker’s personalization engine, so it can deliver millions of unique videos to the Apollo. I like projects that utilize techniques or technologies that are new to me. Learning about new things is one of the great advantages to working in a collaborative environment with other creative people.”

Apollo Theater | Footsteps | 2017 | Editor

Miguel Sanchez

“We’re building Hiker Channels in React, but it’s no Facebook. Almost all social networks require ever-increasing content streams. So they’re built to drive competition between content, resulting in a constant effort to distract your viewer from your content to someone else’s content.  Channels is built for publishers. So it’s your world, and your world only.”

Hiker Studio | Hiker Channels | 2017 | Technology Lead

Nayeon Lee

“This was the first project I worked on after getting hired at Hiker and it was refreshing and fun to design something out of the norm. All the hand drawn elements and quirky design choices made me feel like I was back in school doodling for fun in my notebook! Yes, I was doodling instead of taking notes during class…”

UC Santa Cruz Center for Public Philosophy | Website | 2017 | Designer

Veronika Licakova

“What made this rebrand so successful and joyous was that FFANY provided us the trust and freedom we as creators need. We were able to focus on perfect execution and the details instead of the compromises that can often lead to mixed results. Creative freedom in general is the space where magic happens.”

Fashion Footwear Association of NY | Rebrand | 2016 | Designer

Victor Rijo

“In this project we worked with one long camera movement and hundreds of coordinated moving parts for which we developed custom 3D tools/scripts that helped speed up the overall workflow. I enjoy challenging myself to use new technology that can help enhance the way we tell stories and create content. This was a fun project.”

BBVA Compass | Mobile World | 2016 | Lead Animator

Lead Hikers

Adam Ansorge | Animator
Amber Yoder | Director, Development
Dan Allen | Director, Creative Services
Francesca Moran | Producer
Gary Culig | Graphic Designer
Gregor Clark | principal
Hannah Neufeld | Senior Editor
Jim Heathman | Strategist
Miguel Sanchez | Senior Technologist
Nayeon Lee | Interactive Designer
Veronika Licakova | Graphic Designer
Victor Rijo | Director of Motion

want to join the team?

We’re always looking for talented Hikers across the creative spectrum— from narrative strategy to 3D animation to producers. Our culture is low ego, fun, and gutsy.
Let us know about you!


want to join the team?

We’re always looking for talented Hikers across the creative spectrum— from narrative strategy to 3D animation to producers. Our culture is low ego, fun, and gutsy.
Let us know about you!


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