Creative Core

At the center of all Hiker programs are core creative services, including live action production, animation, interactive design, motion graphics, graphic design, and interactive and game development. Hiker’s highly multi-disciplinary approach to programs means content is almost always developed by a varied team of creative co-workers.

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Hiker Data + Story Program

Built on the foundation of core creative services, Hiker’s Data + Story Program is a suite of products and processes designed to tell better stories with data.

Personalized Video

Hiker PV integrates large data sets with video and audio dynamic layering, generating millions of unique videos, each containing information specific to an individual viewer. Completion and action rates are 5x-6x more effective than non-personalized videos.

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Clients Sam’s Club, Hospital Corporation of America, USAA

Interactive Discover

Hiker ID uses game engines and webGL to deliver complex data sets in custom interactive environments. This unique level of engagement can help translate complex architectural, energy, or physical information into highly navigable and engaging gamified experiences. Our HikerID approach is also the foundation of our VR work.

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Clients National Parks Service, The New School, Under Armour

Composite Infographics

Composite Infographics combine live action footage with animated infographic data, harnessing the preferability of video with a visual landscape that creates unexpected and memorable visual experiences.

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Clients P&G, NRG

Hiker Channels


Still in alpha, this mobile-first, curated, closed content system will allow content owners to deliver mobile-driven content “cards” – copy, photo, video, audio – without any external branding or reference to external links. A true web app, built on Facebook’s core language, React, this web-deliverable system will allow for better digital storytelling for the right programs. Stay tuned.


for agencies + freelancers 

Hiker’s free media presentation and delivery cms scales with your needs and allows for full customization of clients, projects, and links. We built this collaboration and sharing tool because we couldn’t find what we wanted. Now you can use it, too. Built on S3, you pay only for the server space you need.

Whatever your challenge is, we’re interested to explore it with you.

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